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“Houston, we have a... pasty”

We’ve done it. Here at Rowe’s Cornish Bakers we’ve made history by sending Cornwall’s most famous export – the pasty – into space.

After winning top prize at the World Pasty Championships 2017 for our Steak & Kidney pasty, we've been telling everyone all our pasties are ‘Out of this World’. It’s a description we stand by, every time we taste them. But we decided to go one better and prove it.

So on September 20th, 2017 at 11am, our intrepid pasty was strapped into a specially adapted extreme climate bakery harness and attached to a weather balloon. It was launched from Hayle Community School to coincide with a space project the students are undertaking. The students were able to follow the pasty’s journey thanks to sophisticated on-board GPS tracking and live data streaming.

“They heat up ’ansum”

Suspended in the stratosphere for approximately 93 minutes and with temperatures plummeting to minus 62 Celsius, our brave pasty returned to earth rock solid frozen on the wilds of Bodmin Moor. But as any Rowe’s aficionado will tell you, ‘They heat up ansum’. So, after a challenging car chase to the touchdown location, we thought we’d let Headteacher Andrew Martin and Retail Director Becci Blackburn be the judges of that.

They were willing to be guinea pigs in exchange for the honour of taste testing the world’s first truly out-of-this-world pasty. Filled with delicious chunks of skirt beef, local potatoes, onion and swede, the pasty was described, between hearty mouthfuls, as “awesome”. Now, these two don't mince their words, so we were satisfied with their scientific evaluation and shared it out amongst the search party.

Headteacher, Andrew Martin, conducting a strictly scientific field test of the space pasty

Over the moon but feet on the ground

Becci Blackburn, our Retail Director, said: “We are over the moon to have successfully pulled this stunt off in celebration of the traditional Cornish pasty and our 68 years of baking heritage. And it was great to involve Hayle Community School in the project. Our signature pasty is steeped in Cornish heritage and we take huge pride in our product and recipe. Cornish Pasties are synonymous with Cornwall but we’re happy to have proved you can proudly take one anywhere.

Becci continued: “Watching a weather balloon launching a Cornish pasty into space is something we hope the students will remember for a long time and it may even inspire them to work in the space industry or boost their interest in science. The mission’s been a great success, but our team are grounded and won’t let it go their heads. We’ll just keep focussing on what we’ve always done - producing great Cornish pasties...”

Headteacher Martin said: “Sending a pasty to the edge of space with Rowe’s was fantastic. Our students and teachers work incredibly hard in the classroom, so it’s been brilliant to bring their science lessons to life like this.”

In celebration of the event, pasty fans can enjoy special out of this world deals on Rowe’s mouth-watering hand-crimped Cornish, Chicken and Cheese and Onion pasties and sausage rolls by visiting any of our 21 bakeries across Cornwall

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